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2020 English-L

Conversational Latin Seminar in Lexington for 2019 July 22-29 at the University of Kentucky, Lexington

Conversational Latin Seminar in Lexington

for 2020 July 20-27

at the University of Kentucky, Lexington

Conventiculum Latinum, Annual Convention for Spoken Latin to be held adjacent to the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington from 20 to 27 July 2020.

These summer workshops have become internationally known for providing a stimulating occasion in which participants can live for an extended period of time in an all-Latin environment, speaking and hearing no language but Latin.  Our Latin workshops are specifically designed for those who want to acclimatize themselves to the active use of Latin. 

We also invite participants who are already experienced in the active use of Latin.  It is our intention that the conventiculum will provide such participants with a pleasant opportunity to practice or enhance their skills in spoken and written Latin, and meet like-minded others.

Our conventicula are NOT designed for people who are still learning essential Latin grammar.  All participants should be able to read unadapted Latin texts (even if they need to consult a dictionary fairly often), and should feel reasonably secure in their knowledge of basic morphology and syntax.  However, previous experience in speaking Latin is not necessary. The purpose of our seminars is to add an active dimension to the experience of those who already possess a certain passive knowledge of Latin. These seminars should be especially valuable for any cultivator of the Latin language, who wishes to gain some ability to express her or himself ex-tempore in correct Latin on many different subjects.  Not only teachers, who may wish to develop their ability use Latin actively and extempore so they can enliven the learning experience for students and augment whatever teaching strategies they prefer to employ, but anyone at all devoted to Latin, such as professors, graduate students, and those who read Latin for personal enrichment, can benefit from our seminars, which are exclusively aimed at helping those who take part to acquire a more instinctive command of the Latin language.  Having acquired such a command of Latin a person can usually understand Latin writings more directly and easily, without being compelled so often to translate and to think in another language.   

Sessions will be aimed at developing ability in speaking Latin, understanding others speaking Latin, reading, understanding, and explaining Latin texts in Latin. There will also be some writing in Latin. Participants will be involved in intensive activity each day from morning until early evening (with breaks for lunch, etc., of course). Themes for discussion will involve books and literature, but discussions will also be devoted to questions pertaining to every-day life.



May 1, 2020 is the deadline for receipt of entry fees. However, we strongly urge those intending to take part to register much earlier than the deadline, since places in these events usually fill up quickly during the spring.  In 2020 we will be able to accept no more than 60 participants.


Applicants to the conventiculum will pay the $175 entry fee in advance to the organizers of the conventiculum.  Receipt and deposit of this fee will constitute registration.

Please note that the entry fee, once paid, is not refundable.  This, unfortunately, is an administrative necessity.


Participants who plan to come to the conventiculum in their own cars and want to park their cars on the University campus will need to buy a parking permit.  They will receive a ticket to be displayed in their vehicles, which will give them the right to use the University parking lots for the whole week of the seminar. To purchase a parking permit, please phone the Department of Parking and Transportation at:

859 257 5757

Anyone arriving in Lexington can go to the parking office to buy a permit in person.  The office is open on normal business days until 4:00 p.m.  Here is the address:

Parking & Transportation Services, 721 Press Avenue, Lexington 40508-0571




On the first day (20 July) there will be no regular sessions, but there will be a general reception with food and drink which will take place from 6:00 p.m. to about 9 or 10 p.m., which we strongly urge all participants to attend.  In this initial reception not only Latin, but English or any other language may be used.  After the reception, the use of vernacular languages will cease, and Latin will be the only language used in the conventiculum.  Participants therefore should try to arrive in Lexington before 4:00 p.m. on the first day so they can get installed in their lodgings and find the site of the sessions before the reception actually begins.

Those interested in participating in this event should contact Prof. Terence Tunberg at the following e-mail address:





There are of course many hotels in Lexington where one can find comfortable and reasonable lodging, some of which are quite close to the University of Kentucky.  However, we recommend that participants in the conventiculum stay in the student housing facilities for University of Kentucky students, which are used for conference housing in the summer. These student residences are not only very close to the site of our sessions, they also offer lodging at fairly low cost.  Room reservation in these student housing facilities will be handled this year in a way that differs from the method we used last year: this year each person requesting rooms in conference housing will reserve her/his room(s) directly and will pay the cost of lodging not to us, but directly to the managers of the student housing facilities. The costs of different kinds of rooming arrangements in conference housing are posted on this website:


Within walking distance from the site of our sessions are quite a few cafeterias, restaurants, cafes and fast-food outlets - both on and off campus. Well before the conventiculum we will send to all registered participants a list of these eating establishments (along with other materials pertaining to the campus and the conference).