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Videos and Links

Watch some videos about Humanitas. Explore some links about spoken Latin.

Videos and Links

Enjoy some videos about Humanitas.

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About Speaking Latin

Conversation with Lucius Ranieri, Milena Minkova, and Terence Tunberg. They spoke at the Dickinson Conventiculum in 2018.

Living Latin

At the Institute for Latin Studies at the University of Kentucky, no Language but Latin is used in classes, gatherings, and discussions of Literature.

The Conventiculum

People come to the conventiculum to speak with others in Latin. Not only do we discuss literature and books, but we also have conversations about daily life in Latin.


ALF Worldwide Society to Promote Spoken Latin:

Schola Latina Corcagiensis - Speak Latin in Ireland:

Conventiculum Dickinsoniense annual Latin conferences:

Latinitium has many resources for speaking Latin: